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Betty White Sex Scandal

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You better watch your back Kendra Wilkinson, crazy lady from Real Housewives of New Jersey, and other sort-of-celebrities hawking your shabby ass sextapes.

Reportedly, a box of white hot sexy photographs was found at the residence that Betty White shared with her late husband, television host Allen Ludden.

And in these photos the two are allegedly performing (dun dun dun) sexual acts. Yup. Sexual acts… WITH EACHOTHER! Imagine that! A husband and wife having sex! Gross!

There are supposedly 4 photos that exist, and if they do actually exist, I have one question. Who took the photos? Do you think they used a tripod? Kinky. I hear that every guy fantasizes about having a tripod.

This has all come out because the alleged photos are supposedly being shopped around to a variety of sleazy media outlets.

Somewhere Kim Kardashian’s phone just blew up with a text from Betty W. saying, “OMG girl. You and Ray J. better take notes. THIS is how you do a sex scandal!"

Not too shabby B.W.


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