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Beware Of Facebook Imposters!

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With all the safety measures in place, Facebook crime is on the rise. Madmen actress Elisabeth Moss had a recent confrontation with her Facebook Imposter!



She really wants fans to stop posting on "her" Facebook page because it's an imposter! It's not her. She's worried because a lot of people think that they are writing notes to her, and she doesn't respond… she doesn't want people to think she's rude.

Facebook imposters are becoming a real problem for a lot of people.



Bryan Rutberg's Facebook status update suddenly changed to: "Bryan NEEDS HELP URGENTLY!!!" Some of his close friends went to his house to check on him, one good friend wired $1,143 to London to help. Of course, Bryan was safe at home in Seattle. To help you out we've got some ways to help you spot an avoid being a victim of a Facebook imposter


Never Send Money

If your friend asks for money on Facebook… call him/her first… just see if he answers the phone. Shoot him or her an email… don't just send money because some asks for it on Facebook or Twitter or E-mail for that matter… If I'm gonna send 4 digits worth of cash to a friend I'm gonna have to hear the desperation in their voice.


Choose A Strong Password

“Schoolsucks” may have worked for your first ever password, but that was years ago and now your online social networking identity is in danger. We’re talking capital letters, numbers and symbols. It’s gotta look like a cartoon character cursing.


Don’t Put Your Personal Information On Facebook

Alot of us don't think about it, you get a new cell phone and you want to get the number out so you publish it for all your friends to see on Facebook but hold on dummy. If you put your phone number on your Facebook page lots of other people can see it… including criminals and perverts. Don't be one of those people who hands their whole life story over to criminals.


Manage Your Facebook Privacy Settings

For the love of God, don't let people who aren't your friends view your profile or wall for that matter. It's none of their business and if it is their business, I can assure you they are up to no good.


Don't Send Naked Pics

Police accuse an 18-year-old man of posing as a woman on Facebook to get high school boys to send him naked photos of themselves. So don't send naked pictures to anyone. Not even your internet boy/girlfriend. Even people you know can be Facebook imposters. Accounts get hacked… you never know who is on the other end of the information you are sending.


Don’t Become Friends With Strangers

Sure, Bill Gates could be your coolest facebook friend (definitely the richest) but you don’t really know him… Odds are that's not him anyway. Plus Mac is cooler. Sorry Bill.


Avoid Facebook Altogether

Are you kidding me? Get real!


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