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Bieber, Coffins, And Workout Jesus!

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There are lots of bizarre stories today, but these are the most bizzarist! I love this first one…


Justin Bieber Kicked Off Facebook

When I read this I thought… WTF? Justin Bieber kicked off Facebook? I didn't even realize he was on Facebook but I guess it makes sense. Hopefully he can still twitter cuz America loves his seet tweets. What is wrong with Facebook? Why would they kick Justin Bieber off? What could have have done? Dirty pics? Spam? It makes no sense. Maybe it's an imposter.

It's not an imposter… It's Justin Bieber it's just a DIFFERENT Justin Bieber.

Turns out that 35 year old Jacksonvilles resident Justin Bieber got kicked off of Facebook for having a "fake name". Not only that, but the poor guy gets phone calls every day, and all through the night… he and his wife can barely sleep. He gets anywhere from 2 – 10 fan letters a day saying everything from, "I love you" to "You suck."

Bieber tried to contact Facebook, but just like any time anyone tries to contact Facebook it was an exercise in futility. He's had problems on other sites before but once he contacts them and explains himself they usually reinstate his account… but not Facebook. They're a royal pain in the ass like usual.

So good luck to 35 year old Justin Bieber! We hope you get your account reinstated!


Happy Coffins

In an effort to make funerals "less grimm", a company called Happy Coffins has come out with a line of fun, funny, artsy, cool, designer coffins.


Happy Coffins is a Singapore nonprofit that is in the business of burying dead peeps. They recently revealed a series of coffins featuring cool and offbeat designs, some even covered with silly sayings, such as, "Say hello to my wonderland" and "Hello, coffin. You seem to be nice."

So far the coffins are being sold locally in Singapore, but Happy Coffins is hoping it will appeal to people around the world! Order yours today!


What Would Jesus Do? He'd Drop And Give Me 20

People are getting the motivation to work out from the man upstairs – they are using their faith to get in shape. It seems that adding scripture reading and and prayer to workout programs spurred the women in a UCLA study group to move an extra three to five miles a week.

So it turns out that Jesus makes a really good personal trainer!

Which one of these stories did you like the most? Have you heard any other weird news stories? Share them in the comments!


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