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Bieber Paternity Suit Dropped!

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WHA??? Bieber baby mama drama is over?? Yup. It's true. Mariah Yeater has dropped her paternity suit against teen heart throb Justin Bieber. She may have gotten zero but for me she'll always be a hero for telling the world that Justin Bieber released the Kraken in just 30 seconds. Well calling it a Kraken might be overstating it. 


Bieber, who has always maintained that he did not even know Mariah, was planning to not only take the paternity test but was also threatening to sue Yeater  for 'malicious, defamatory and demonstratively false claims'. Demonstratively false? I know they're probably talking about the DNA test, but I like to imagine they're talking about a dramatic trial moment where Bieber  stuns the courtroom by revealing that he has no wang.


No word from the Yeater camp yet, but I'm thinking she's pissed about her failure to get some Bieber dollars.


Bieber on the other hand is probably busting out his dance moves in celebration! Unfortunately, not on the Maury show. WAHHHHHH!


What do you think? Are you surprised or did you see this one coming? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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