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Bieber’s Manager Signs Gangnam Style’s PSY

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With over 115 million YouTube Views, I think we can all agree that Gangnam Style by PSY was the video star of the summer. Well now it appears that PSY is continuing down the road of worldwide domination and attempting to do something never achieved by a Korean pop star before–making it big in America.  And he may just be on his way, after signing with Scooter Braun, the man who brought us Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen. Say… what? I mean yeah they all make me laugh, but PSY is trying to bring the lulz. I don't wanna lol at PSY when he's not trying to be funny! Speaking of funny…

gandalf gangnam style


Braun just released a video announcing the deal with PSY on YouTube of course. In it he discusses his plans for making PSY a household name in the US, and then marks this moment in history between what he calls 'our great nations' by swilling some Korean moonshine. Uh…full of yourself much? Bieber discoverer who also strengthens our relationship with an ally nation. I guess one out of two ain't bad!

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Braun's first act as PSY manager? A bigtime VMA appearance…not too shabby! 

psy VMAs gangnam style


Of course Braun has his work cut out for him. Despite the millions of YouTube views and Gangnam Style holding the number one slot on Billboard's K-Pop chart for 5 weeks, the song has only been downloaded 57,000 times in the US according to Nielsen SoundScan. And Braun won't have the tween girls getting all hormonal over PSY, which accounts for 99.9% of Bieber's success. I wish PSY luck and hope this pays off big time for him. He deserves it for popularizing the invisible horse dance alone!  Here's a look at the 'historic' announcement!

What do you think? Is PSY doing the right thing? Let me know what your thoughts are @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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