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Biggest Mistakes In Video Game History

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It's not always smooth sailing for art. Sometimes, mistakes are made. Much like the film medium's greatest mistake — the Travolta/ Cage vehicle Face/Off — as well as television's — the second season of Glee — video games have had their fair share of colossal mistakes. Speak of the devil, here's a list of them now!


1. Mario Is Missing!


What was Nintendo thinking? That the thing people hated most about Mario games was Mario? Listen, I like Luigi, but this goofball is not qualified to star in his own game. The only thing he does better than Mario is adorably fluttering his feet when he jumps and if that were enough to get your own game, we'd all be playing Olympic Gold Medal Winning Long Jumper Carl Lewis Is Missing.


2. Metroid Other M


"You know how Samus is a badass bounty hunter? What if, now follow me here, we made a game where she was not that even a little bit, but sat in the corner and cried for an entire game?" I especially liked how Metroid's trademark secret-hunting was non-existant. Missile expansions in Metroid other M were easier to find than a baby's easter eggs.


3. Animal Crossing


Nah, that game was pretty fun. Including Animal Crossing on this list is one of MY greatest mistakes.


4. Castlevania 64


About a year into the Nintendo 64's lifespan, it was becoming clear that any game with "64" in the title and without "Mario" would be absolutely atrocious. Maybe it would have been more wise to simply re-skin Mario 64 and let an armored vampire-slayer have a foot race with Koopa the Quick.


5. All James Bond games that weren't GoldenEye (Including the new GoldenEye)


If video games were smart, they would have avoided all comparisons to GoldenEye by never releasing another James Bond game. Nothing is going to hold up to that. It's like going to a restaurant where they serve you a five star steak, and then for a second course give you dirt. And hey, maybe for dessert, pestilence! (Many reviewers said 007 Nightfire was similar to pestilence.)


6. FantaVision


FantaVision breaks the number one rule of making fireworks games– don't make fireworks games.


7. 3DS' Entire Launch Lineup


I think we can all agree, the thing gamers hate most about new console launches are the fun, interesting games it launches with. Nintendo was apparently going with a strategy of giving gamers a few months to use the 3DS as a doorstop before putting out any software for it. I really liked that stupid thing where I was a submarine or whatever. And I for sure thought the biggest problem in Street Fighter 4 was that playing it didn't make you feel like you were being stabbed in the eyes.



8. Super Mario World


Because no video game will ever top it. Save the pinnacle of a medium's existence for later in the life cycle, video games! See, movies did it right. They waited to release their crown jewel, Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz, until just this last calendar year.


What do you think were some of video games' greatest mistakes? Let us know in the comments!


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