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8 Board Games That Are Fun No Matter What Your Age

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Age is just a number, especially when it comes to board games. To be precise, age is just a number that determines the order of which you role the dice. Board games are crazy fun regardless of how old you are. Here are 8 board games that are fun no matter what the age. Sorry I’m not sorry, but Sorry is not on this list.


1. The Settlers Of Catan

fun games cation


Never do I care more about wheat production, than I do in Settlers of Catan. This is a game of both luck and strategy, which makes it fun for kids, who rely mostly on luck and adults who rely mostly on luck but like to believe they are using strategy. It’s a Win Win! But it’s actually just a win, because there are no ties in Catan. I like to say it is a combination of Monopoly and Risk, but way more fun than both. The Settlers Of Catan has a, dare I say, nerdy reputation. Honestly, I don’t understand where that comes from. I’m not a nerd, and I love it! Oh, crap. I have to wrap this up. The Dungeon Master does not approve of Dwarf Fighters blogging.


2. Scattegories

fun games scattegories


Why is this game so fun? For one, anything with a timer is immediately exciting, and b) it is really interesting to hear the crazy weirdness from your friends and or/families brains. It’s one of those games that in theory should be really easy, and everyone should be able to get every single category filled with every single letter in less than the timer, but it’s WAY harder than it seems. Off the top of my head, I can come up with a hundred “things with windows” that start with a G, but in the moment, under pressure, it is really hard. This challenge along with knowing you are competing to, lets be honest, be the smartest person in the room makes this game so fun. Actually, I can really only think of 10 “things with windows” that start with a G. Okay, 4. OKAY 1!!! GARAGE!!!!! THAT’S IT!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!


3. Clue

fun games clue


Murder, Manipulation, Manhunt. FOR ALL AGES!


4. Catch Phrase

fun games catchphrase


Catch Phrase (verbal hot potato) makes you think quickly on your feet, which is fun, and it also makes you feel like everyone is stupid all the time. If you have the wheel and nobody is getting your PERFECT descriptions, they all stupid. If you don’t have the wheel and the wheel holder is giving ASININE descriptions, DANG they so stupid. If there is one thing that is impervious to maturity and age, it’s feeling superior to everyone at all times.


5. Apples To Apples

fun games apples


If you think Apples To Apples is just a kid’s game, you would be so so wrong. Apples to Apples is good, clean, albeit bias and opinionated, fun that is great for the whole family. It’s perfect, because you get to expose your personality in your answers, which is pretty rare for board games. It is a confidence boost when your answer gets picked, and also makes you want to cry in your feather down pillow when nobody picks your answers. YAY!! Don’t be sad. You are privileged, you have a feather down pillow. You can’t have everything. Also, if you enjoy good, clean fun, but also love bad, dirty, fun, check out Cards Against Humanity. It is literally dirty, stinky, rotten Apples to Apples. It is incredibly fun, but is for adults only. Or terrible parents who want to truly destroy their children. I repeat… YAY!!


6. Guess Who

fun games guesswho


Who doesn’t love Guess Who? No, but really, who? Does this person wear glasses? Does this person have blue eyes? Does this person exhibit normal human nature like needing to uncover secrets and identities??? Does this person wear a hat? Oh, it’s Eric!


7. Cranium

fun games cranium


Everyone get’s to shine in their niche with Cranium. Whether you are an artist, or great at trivia or have a great humming voice (ME ME ME!!), there is a place in your heart for Cranium no matter what the age. One disclaimer that should be written on the box- if you are an actor and you play this with a group of actors, you will NEVER finish. This is a hard and fast rule. Too many Star Performers and not enough Data Heads. Yikes. That’s, actually, a sadly accurate representation of society. Oh, well, Charades are fun!!


8. Balderdash

fun games balderdash


This game, honestly, is the worst. It was invented by the Neo-Nazis, and it was used as a spy game during the Russian Revolution in 2012. Guys, I’M LYING!!! This game is great, because it teaches kids to become eloquent liars at a very young age. It also teaches kids to sound intellectually proficient when they are actually repeating 3rd grade for the 4th time. People LOVE lying and getting away with it. It’s one of the true joys in life. I’m really good at Balderdash, because I’m really good at lying. I’m so good, you didn’t even know I killed Colonel Sanders with the chicken wing in the Employee bathroom.


What’s your favorite board game? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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