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17 Moments In Bojack Horseman That Were “Too Much, Man!”

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He may have been in a very famous TV show, but BoJack Horseman is hardly horsin’ around. In fact, the animated Netflix comedy about a bunch of talking show biz animals has turned into one of television’s great tragicomedies. If you thought Aaron Paul’s other prestige program Breaking Bad dove into the depths of depression and sorrow, you haven’t binged BoJack. Here are some of the show’s most crushing moments that will put your heart in your stomach and your stomach in your butt. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Which moment left you floating in a pool? Which one made you wanna drive away in an artsy montage? Any other “BoJack ruins your day” moments we missed? And also, like, do you need a hug? Give us a shout on Twitter.