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Is Your Boyfriend Having an Affair With an Instagram Influencer?

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Before the online age, it was a lot harder to have an affair. Your boyfriend would find your love letters, or notice a hotel room on the credit card statement, and then you’d go down to that floozy’s place of work and scream at her to “stay away from your man” until the cops came. Now? It is EASY to cheat. Every social media has DMs. Where Twitter was once the most insidious place for cheating, it’s for sure gravitated over to Instagram. I mean, look at how many men/women/non-conforming people build minor business empires for themselves just by looking insanely hot in photos on beaches? Who wouldn’t be tempted by that? With that in mind, I’ve come up with some signs that your boyfriend may be having an affair with an Instagram influencer…

They’re suddenly really into weight loss tea

Does it seems like suddenly you can’t give your boyfriend a compliment without him saying something like “Thanks babe, all my friends have been talking about this Flat Tunny Tea, and I have to say, I wish they’d told me about it sooner. Ad.” Well, there’s a good chance that he’s caught the SponCon bug from his Insta Mistress. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Why couldn’t it have just been an STD?

Their phone is constantly down their pants

If they only had their phone down there once in a while, fine, it’s just a passing flirtation. But all the time? That’s something to worry about.

You have to pay them to get them to say something nice about you

Let’s say you and your man are going out, and you’re not sure about your outfit. So you ask him what he thinks, and his response is to pass you a piece of paper breaking down his promotional rates! Shameful, but also mildly affordable, so it might be worth it.

During conversations, they ask you to tag a friend

You laugh at their joke, they ask you to tag a friend. You watch the sun go down together, they ask you to tag a friend. You see a dog being cute… tag a friend! You know what’s going on, though. That skank has their claws in him so deep that he thinks only of building his brand.

You catch them having dinner with their phone

You catch him having a candle lit dinner opposite his iPhone, and you just know that thing is being sent as a private Instagram story.

You see a sponsored ad that’s just a video of the two of them having sex

Not only is it incredibly upsetting that your boyfriend and his Instagram mistress would pay to promote their sex tape, but what could you have been doing online that would indicate to the algorithm that it was content you’d be interested in?!

Heed my warnings!