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‘Breath of the Wild’ Gets Linkle Mod, Still Somehow the Only Way to Play as a Girl in Zelda in 2018???

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We’ve been saying for years that Nintendo needs to let us play as a girl in its Legend of Zelda games, and somehow, they still haven’t gotten the message. In the franchise’s most recent entry, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, longtime series protagonist Link finally sheds his traditional green leotard and elf hat, allowing the player to customize their hero. And yet, it still doesn’t give us the option to play as a girl. At this point, we’ve got to ask: why not? Is Nintendo worried gamers will revolt if they change their iconic hero too much?

I want Link to be exactly the same as he was in the first Zelda game from 1986 — looking like the weird fairy guy they introduced in 2000.< br />

But ignoring Nintendo’s glaring and cruel oversight, today we’re just feeling thankful (again) for the Zelda mod community. Youtuber Dario Rolle has put out a mod that reskins our boy Link into our girl Linkle, the female version of the Hero of Time from Zelda spin-off Hyrule Warriors in the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild.

PICTURED: the internet doing Nintendo’s work for them.< br />

While it’s cool to see a female hero working her way through Hyrule, it is definitely time for this to become an option for those of us who have no idea how to download mods. Little girls play video games too, and they’re longing to play as a hero who looks like them, instead of playing as a hero who rescues someone who looks like them.

Of course, making more games that put a woman front-and-center does present dangers of its own.

Where will straight white guys find video game characters who look like them?< br />

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