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Bulgarian Man Plans Sex Change to Look Like Lady Gaga

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Meet Penio Daskalov of Bulgaria, 24. According to, Penio loves Lady Gaga so much, he plans to get a sex change operation and some plastic surgery so he can look just like her!



Not only does Penio want this surgery because he loves Lady Gaga, but also because he thinks it will help his career as an aspiring pop star. He said, "I really admire the way she has created herself, so when I've had my operations I won't be quite a man or quite a woman," Daskalov said."



Well Penio, that's what people think about Lady Gaga herself, so you may be onto something.



Anyway Penio, the point is that just because you successfully reinvent yourself to look like a popstar, doesn't mean you're a good singer or that you've even got a record contract. I'm just trying to be practical Penio.

I'm not hating on you Penio. I'm rooting for you! I hope you get your operation and that it's very SUCCESS!



Penio said, "I've already contacted her management and told them what I am doing and how I'd like to record a duet with her." That's great! Hopefully she'll record this duet with you, and not think you're a crazy stalker type that wants to wear her underpants and live under her bed.



Why not just become a woman who is also a man who doesn't look like anyone else? Khloe Kardashian seems to be pulling that off pretty well and it seems to be working for her. Kidding!



Ok Penio. Good luck you wild and crazy future half man half woman half crazy!


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