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California Teen Shacks Up With Former Teacher???

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It doesn't get anymore icky than this!  A 41-year-old California business and computer teacher, James Hooker, has left his job and his family to shack up with his former student, 18-year-old Jordan Powers.  A police investigation has been launched regarding Hooker's relationship with Powers.  Here's a look at the happy couple on Good Morning America , where they creepily try to make us see the beauty of their pedo-esque love. Hooker Power can't be stopped, y'all!


Hooker claims that the two only started a romantic relationship once Powers turned 18, but Powers' mama ain't buying it! Tammie Powers claims that she has discovered over 8,000 text messages between the two lovebirds including late night phone messages and e-mails that were received while her daughter was still underage.  She's also posted photos on Facebook of her daughter sitting on Hooker's lap, while still a student at James Enoch High School. I'm pretty sure I never sat on any of my teacher's laps. Even though I may have wanted to…I'm looking at you Mr. McHOT-ten!

Bad drinking teacher, suddenly not looking so bad!


Hooker is confident that he will be cleared of the charges and maintains his position that no relationship occurred while Powers was still a minor.

"There's no evidence of that. There's no proof of that. It didn't exist" Hooker said. "I've been portrayed as a monster through all of this. I'm not a monster. I'm not any different than I've always been." Sounds like someone who's always been a monster, was very careful about making sure there was no evidence! 

So what does Jordan have to say? "He's my best friend. I mean, he's more than just a lover."  Ewwww. I blame Twilight for encouraging the idea that inappropriate relationships are romantic. DAMN YOU TWILIGHT!

Remember the good old days, when bad teachers were just total a-holes?


Jordan is completing her senior year through 'independent study' (Is that what we're calling it now?) and plans on attending her high school graduation in May. Here's a look at the weirdos on Good Morning America:

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