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‘Call Me By Your Name 2’ Needs a Better Title, and Twitter Is Here to Help

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A Call Me by Your Name sequel is in the works, and so far, all we know for sure is that Dakota Johnson will be joining Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer in the cast. But what we do not know for sure is what name to call it. As anyone who’s been to film school knows, the hardest part of filmmaking is coming up with a title. Director Luca Guadagino has said he’s stuck on what to call the upcoming film, because there’s no way he’s going to call it Call Me by Your Name 2. Don’t worry, Luca. We have some suggestions of our own. Have you thought about:

Call Me by Your Name: No, Not You. The Guy Behind You

I’m Sorry, What Was Your Name Again?

There’s Something About Your Name

What’s Wrong With Your Own Name?


But if he doesn’t like those, Twitter has come up with some titles that might be a little more workable.

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