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Can Got Your Head?

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FLuffee’s weekly post!

Cat got your tongue? Well in this case it’s the cat who’s tongue has been…got? Caught? Yeah… that sounds better.

A black cat in Scotland was recently scrounging for a snack when he found an empty can of cat food. He stuck his head in to get a taste and it wouldn’t come back out.

“Hello? Did someone turn out the lights?”

All this poor cat wanted was some food but instead he got a can helmet, actually I think this could catch on as a feline fashion, I’ve seen wigs for cats why not helmets or hats? My cat always wears a suit and tie before he goes out.

The latest in cat wig fashion.

After this cat got his head stuck he was disoriented — and that’s to be expected, because I know every time I put a can on my cat’s head he just wanders around like there’s a can stuck on his head.

I only put the can on his head so we can play our favorite game called “Watch the cat run into the wall.” So you can stop freaking out now, I don’t really make my cat run into walls, he does it on his own free will.

What can I say? He just loves the attention.

One thing this cat did prove is that black cats are not unlucky, because this cat somehow managed to walk himself to an animal rescue center all the while blinded by the can stuck on his head.

He could’ve been flat kitty.

It’s a miracle this cat didn’t get hit by a car while crossing the street — well besides that one that hit him right on the can,  which saved his life.

OK, I lied but that would have been cool.

A better way for cats to protect themselves.

What I want to know is why no one, after seeing this can with a cat body, decided to help the poor animal out. If I saw a cat stuck like that I would at least take the time to film it.

So the cat is fine now. They managed to get the can cut off, and I’m glad this story ended on a good note, because if it ended in roadkill I wouldn’t be talking about it right now.

The can-less cat.

When I see roadkill I always feel like it could have been prevented, and I’ve thought of a plan to stop most animals from being hit by cars. Here’s what you do if you have an outdoor animal: you dress it up to look like a baby, because no one’s going to hit a baby crawling across the street.

Surefire way to keep your pet safe.

Problem solved.