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10 Canceled Shows They Should Bring Back This Fall

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Every year a new fall line-up is launched and every year it's practically the same thing. Shows that make you question who the hell is in charge of Hollywood or shows that you love and get fully invested in only to have ripped from you forever because people are too busy watching crap like Jersey Shore and Bachelor Pad (which I watch too, but I still make time for the good stuff, people!). The Hollywood powers that be need to just give it up and instead of serving us another heaping plate of crap…bring back these canceled shows with MASSIVE cult followings. You won't be sorry, Hollywood! TRUST!


Arrested Development


So this year the networks are trying to shove Work It down our throats, a 'comedy' about two men who must dress in drag in order to get jobs. So kind of like Bosom Buddies, but sucky. If you wanna see a feminine guy who actually looks smoking hot in a pair of Daisy Dukes, how about bringing back the show that featured America's premiere analrapist, Tobias Funke! Arrested Development had lots of different kinds of funny jokes, not just 1001 euphemisms for nuts in panty hose. I'm looking at you Work It !




Hello? It's by Joss Whedon and no one does paranormal dramedy westerns better then him. Plus nothing is cuter than seeing nerds snot-crying with joy. And the nerds love them some Firefly


Freaks And Geeks/Undeclared


I'm putting these together because they're both by Judd Apatow and they're both surprise! Hilarious! But Nooooo! Instead of bringing us more Seth Rogan and James Franco, Hollywood is so DUMBLY bringing us more Tim Allen, which NO ONE friggin' wants. Keep your turds to yourself, Hollywood! 




I miss David Duchovny and I don't have Showtime, okay? Bring back the X-Files! Just the stand alone episodes, not the long winded alien-government whatever storyline. Less conspiracy, more Chupacabra, okay? And if you don't wanna give up Duchovney's Californication fornicating, I'm totally down with Mulder and Scully bringing a little XXX-Files into the mix. Like I said before, nerds crying with convulsive joy? A good thing.


The O.C.


Believe me, no one's more ashamed of me for putting this on the list than me. But the first two seasons were SO good! Can we just act like seasons 3 and 4 never happened? I really miss obsessing about Sandy Cohen's eyebrows.


The Comeback


If someone said they had a show that was like Friends without any of the annoying friends and it was actually about something other than just being friends, you'd wanna watch that, right? This show starred the hilarious Lisa Kudrow as a washed-up actress trying to make her Hollywood comeback. Did I mention it was hilarious? What about the fact that it also starred a bikini-clad Silk Spectre? Let's give The Comeback a comeback! (I even wrote your tagline, Hollywood, so you have no more excuses!)


Veronica Mars


This show gets canceled, but One Tree Hill is enjoying it's ninth season. That's a mystery even Miss Mars couldn't solve.


Party Down


This brilliant comedy about struggling actor-types trying to make it in the biz',  had the misfortune of being on Starz! So basically hardly anyone saw it, making it kind of like a new show? Right, Hollywood? It would be perfect for the new Fall season! But no, instead we're getting Whitney, who, judging by the promos is OUTRAGOUS! In a just world Party Down would still be partying on and Whitney would still be a struggling actress working as a cater-waiter. I'm just saying!


The Powerpuff Girls


Seriously? Another Charlie's Angels? How about bringing back the three most bad-a**  villain crushing girl heroes ever? Sorry, Charlie! They're the POWERPUFF GIRLS!!! DUH!

Which shows do you wish they'd bring back? Are there any new shows you're looking forward to this Fall? Tell me what you think of my list @DesiJedeikin or in the comments below!

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