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Cargo Pants: Extreme Pockets

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For the two years now, there hasn't been a single day that has passed that I have not worn cargo pants. I have even managed to wear them with a suit. I have found that the classiness of French cuffs seems to outdo the commonness of two extra pockets in your pants.

It is like a socially acceptable man purse that is not so "Will N Grace."

I prefer the 8 pocket with a pocket painter type of cargo, and before you mock me… behold the bounty of my pants (which incidentally was the name of a band I played in in the late 80's).

I can and have carried a full box of Twinkies in my pants.

I usually pass them out to my co-workers as I stroll by their desks.

I have had 6 grilled cheese sandwiches on my person at one time.

You may laugh but when we are sitting next to each other in a 3 hour meeting and you get hungry, that is when the laughing ends!

When the store down the street from work has a sale on Chic-O-Sticks, I can fit 50 in my trousers.

Sure, I get odd looks from the security guys that let me in the door, but after the third time I festooned the security guys with candy I was awarded the parking spot by the front door.

I see you smirking at me new co-worker.

But when the very lovely Sherrie (who totally looks like Tina Fey) from accounts walks over to my desk every day, to asks if I might have anything in my pants for her… your smirking subsides.

The moral to this story is that one should buy pants with as many pockets as possible, that and get you co-workers jacked up on candy.

What is the weirdest thing you've ever had in your pocket?


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