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Cartoon Kids Who Grow Up To Be Troubled Adults

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We here at Smosh love cartoons. There are a lot of kid characters that are fun to watch as children, but show signs that they have a lot of darkness in their soul. We used a time machine to see how all of this kids turned out after they grew up. Things didn’t turn out so well for them. Here are Cartoon Kids Who Grow Up To Be Troubled Adults.


Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents

timmy turner cancer meme


Once Timmy gets old enough, his Fairy Godparents have to leave him so they can go help another child. Because they coddled Timmy so much and gave him anything he wanted, Timmy has no life skills. He ends up working at McDonald’s, but is so bad at his job that he is fired within a week. Timmy ends up living on the streets and is institutionalized after he poops in the lobby of a skyscraper and blames his “Fairy Godparents.”


Richie Rich

riche rich comic book cover


Riche Rich lived a life of extreme priviledge. After his father dies, he takes over his family’s businesses. He doesn’t have the same business sense as his father and spends his entire fortune trying to develop a car made entirely of ice cream. After the fails, he holds up in a room in his mansion. He only has enough money to pay one butler so the house falls in to complete ruin. The only contact he has with the outside world is milk jugs filled with urine that the throws out his window.


Dexter from Dexter’s Lab

dexters lab as dexter showtime show


Dexter is a scientific genius. But after his college sweetheart breaks up with him, Dexter loses his mind and becomes bent on destroying the world. He is defeated by a team up of Monkey and The Powerpuff Women. Dexter is exiled to a lonely planet where he won’t be able to hurt anyone ever again.


Chuckie Finster from Rugrats

willy wonka dui meme


Chuckie has three failed marriages that result in seven children. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have custody of any of the kids because of multiple DUI convictions. He has to work four jobs to support his three families and never gets to see his kids because he works so much. He spenjds most of his days in a drunken haze while riding the public bus from job to job.


Skeeter Valentine from Doug

skeeter tripping


Skeeter tries acid when he is in college and it’s all down hill from there. He becomes obsessed with the hippie band Phish and follows them around the country going from festival to festival. He eventually starts a one man a capella Phish cover band called Skish where he covers all of their songs by making honking noises.


Dora Marquez from Dora The Explorer

creepy dora the explorer


Dora ends up falling in with the wrong crowd. Because of her excellent exploring skills, a Mexican drug cartel uses her as a drug mule. She has to swallow plastic bags filled with drugs and sneak them across the border. She is eventually caught and rats out her former employers. This results in her name being changed to Dora the Informer. She has to spend the rest of her life in hiding, wondering if a hitman is around every corner.


Milhouse Van Houten from The Simpsons

bart and milhouse grown up


Milhouse can be pretty creepy. That’s why it isn’t any surprise that as an adult, he’s the creepy guy who hangs out in the park in a trenchcoat. One day, he flashes some high school kids and squeals with delight as he runs away. He enjoy it so much, he becomes a serial flasher known as the Springfield Squealer. A sting operation is set up by Police Chief Ralph Wiggum, and Millhouse is arrested. Now that he’s been arrested, he at least feels like he has something to talk to people about since he has a court ordered ice breaker. Unfortunately, the only person that will talk to him is Bart Simpson.


Baby Smurf

military smurf


Baby Smurf grows up to become the leader of the Smurfs after he smurfs Papa Smurf in his sleep. He rules the Smurfs with a smurfy fist! He leads them to smurf Gargamel, but that isn’t smurfy enough for Baby Smurf’s smurflust. He blames not only Gargamel, but all of the humans for keeping the Smurfs oppressed and in hiding. His Smurf army descends upon the human capitol, but is swiftly smurfed because Smurfs are like an inch tall. There are no smurfvivors.


What other cartoon kids do you think grow up to be troubled adults? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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