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10 Celebrities Who Were Victims Of A Death Hoax

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The internet is full of information…unfortunately a lot of it is completely inaccurate. People just be making things up, yo! Things go viral quickly, especially when it’s celebrity-oriented. And because everyone loves to be the first to RIP a celeb, no one bothers to check the facts first. What is it with the obsessive celeb RIPing? I have some Facebook friends who literally do it for every remotely famous person who dies. It’s really weird. Here’s a look at 10 celebrities that the internet declared dead…even though they weren’t.


Bill Nye

 celebrity death hoaxes  bill nye


This one totally freaked me out. Even though I’m well aware of internet death hoaxes, there was something so random about the choice that I almost believed it. For a second. It came only days after Nye caused a hubbub after publishing a video on YouTube entitled “Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children.” But if the anti-science folks thought it was funny to start a death rumor…they failed. The video quickly reached 1.7 million views after his rumored death. Yeah science, bitch!


Chris Brown

 celebrity death hoaxes chris brown


Proving that Chris Brown hate knows no bounds, Breezy’s death hoax went viral on not just Twitter but on YouTube as well! Sadly for the haters, the rumors were unfounded. The rumors re-emerged this past weekend when Brown was hospitalized after having a seizure. Did the purple drank strike again?   Who will be the first celeb to die from too much sizzurp? That would be a really embarrassing way to go…am I right?


Jackie Chan

 celebrity death hoaxes jackie chan


A Facebook scam is responsible for the spread of this hoax. A news story popped into people’s news feeds claiming the action star died while filming a stunt on his latest movies. People clicked the link and their privacy rights died as all of their profile information was shared with the scammers. The good news was… Jackie Chan was in the news again…so yay! Chris Tucker is currently planning his own death hoax.


Jon Bon Jovi

 celebrity death hoaxes jon bon jovi


In 2011, news spread fast that the beloved hair metal singer had died of cardiac arrest. But he wasn’t wanted dead. He was wanted alive. And luckily for his fans he was still living on a prayer and not shot through the heart. Okay, I’m through with the lame song references. Bon Jovi posted a pic of himself holding a sign that said “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey.’ And suddenly hell doesn’t seem so bad. JK NJ!


Russell Crowe

 celebrity death hoaxes russell crowe


Of all the death hoaxes my favorites have to be the ones where celebs fall off of mountains.Tthe usually humorless-seeming Crowe wrote a pretty funny Tweet in response to his death via Austrian mountain fall. So my crush on him is back ON, people! Gotta go watch Gladiator and like stare at his thighs or something.


Jeff Goldblum

 celebrity death hoaxes jeff goldblum


Speaking of falling off of mountains, Jeff Goldblum is the OG of ‘celeb falling off of a mountain’ death hoaxes. I was sad about this one because I just think one of the stars of Jurassic Park AKA one of the greatest movie of all time, deserved a more dignified death. Or at least one that’s like completely undignified yet strangely close to something that happened in the movie, like being eaten by a T-Rex while sitting in a port-a-potty. Something like that.


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

 celebrity death hoaxes the rock


Dude, don’t have to get violent about it! Now all I can think about is a dead foot being up my ass. I’m thinking that’s not a pleasant feeling. 



 celebrity death hoaxes usher


Usher was rumored to have died in a car accident. But duh, internet! Clearly someone with that many muscles can’t die. I’m assuming that’s why he used the denial as an opportunity to show off his awkwardly psoed body, right?


Lady Gaga

 celebrity death hoaxes  lady gaga


Lady Gaga also died in a car accident. What her car didn’t fly off of a New Zealand mountain top? You’re getting lazy, internet! This hoax was rumored to be started by Beliebers. Don’t you just love Mr Swaggy’s defense of why that wasn’t true? Everytime I hear something a Belieber says, I always chant to myself ‘Pleasebeatrollpleasebeatrollpleasebeatroll.” until I feel better about this world.


Tom Kenny

 celebrity death hoaxes  tom kenny


Childhood’s everywhere were punched in the gut by the new that the voice of Spongebob, Tom Kenny, had died. Only Squidward was devastated by the news that the rumors were not true. 


Did you fall for any of these? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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