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Celebrity Cartoon Lookalikes

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Would you rather look like a famous person or a famous cartoon or a famous person who looks like a famous cartoon? Decisions, decisions. Cartoons IRL. Celeb Edition. 


Homer Simpson and Paul Giamatti


 Thank god he has those glasses!


Jessica Rabbit and Amanda Seyfried 

Jessica Rabbit is based on a character from “Red Hot Riding Hood” so maybe Seyfried really did her research for her turn in the recent remake. If you have to look like a cartoon, this would be the one ladies!


Spongebob and Ryan Seacrest

If only Seacrest would go join his porous doppelganger in the pineapple under the sea.


Fred Flinstone and Rosie O’Donnell

Too mean? Maybe it's just because she was in the live action Flinstones movie…


Nemo and Jason Sudeikis


I know it’s a stretch but there is just something about the eyeballs.


Jiminy Cricket and Doc Rivers

Both are sources of infinite wisdom. I wonder if Doc uses his conscience when coming up with plays?


The Cheshire Cat and Snooki

Did you know the best way to lure a Cheshire Cat is with a pickle?


Tigger and Haley Joel Osment

The wonderful thing about tiggers

Is tiggers are wonderful things!

But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is

I'm NOT the only one!


Jimmy Neutron and Ryan Reynolds 

Apparently you don’t need to be a boy genius to accomplish this great hairstyle.


Quagmire and Charlie Sheen

Seth MacFarlane has described Quagmire as an “appalling human”…Winning!

What celebs do you think look like cartoon characters? Let me know in the comments!

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