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Celebrity Hairstyles From Hell!

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Celebrities always seem to look awesome, except when they don't. Clearly having a staff of professional stylists and hairdressers on hand is not a fool-proof system for looking great — it certainly wasn't enough to keep these famous faces from sporting some very unfortunate 'dos.



If a diva like Beyonce can come down with a case of Lego head as bad as this one, then no one is safe. Quick, she needs her snap-on hat back ASAP.


Amy Winehouse

Ah, there's nothing like a good rat's nest in the morning to make you feel like a million bucks. And extra credit to Amy for those moppy bangs, the exposed underwire, and that lovely pout — she really knows how to work a look!


Britney Spears

Oh…wow…um, Britney? Yeah, something…the back, uh…

Your weave is showing sweetie. Take a comb to it, put on a hat, and immediately de-friend or fire that girl who was walking right behind you and didn't say a word.


Lady Gaga

Miss Gaga lives for fashion extremes but even she seems to agree that this lopsided and multi-colored 'bedhead-gone-ary' frizzbomb is not her best look. Add in crooked and ridiculously huge fangs and I'd be ready to bite somebody too.


Axl Rose

He has been known to pull off the long hair, facial stubble, and sunglasses look in the past but wow, this painful incarnation (is his head bleeding?) is clearly not working. Dude, where's your bandana? And if you didn't have a receding hairline before I think you do now.


Alicia Keys

Are we sure this style is finished? Personally I think it was, but then the hair began to slowly break free, bursting to freedom from the back end forward. Still she looks pretty happy, I wonder if she knows?


Scarlet Johanssen

Isn't that Kevin Bacon's hair?


Phil Specter

The man rarely looks good but this is a feat of spherical madness. What do you think the inspiration was, Hostess Snowball? Dandelion gone to seed? Or just white man wants a fro?


Jennifer Lopez

Oh yeah, I know how this happened. She gave her two year old twins a bottle of product and said 'make mommy look pretty!' And then she believed them when they said she did. Usually you have to go all the way to Narnia to get a do like that.


Donald Trump

Every man has his kryptonite and for Trump it's apparently a good stiff breeze. The wind is peeling his infamous combover back one layer at a time and I think if we give it just another minute…



Whoever created this Three Stooges bowl cut with a hint of Muppet for Rihanna, needs to be whacked upside the head with their own styling tools. Repeatedly and with sound effects.

What do you think? Did I miss any? Are there any other celebrities who need to fire their stylists? Do tell!


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