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Prop 8 Celebrity Hook Ups

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This week a California court overturned “Prop 8,” the law that stopped California same sex couples from getting married. When I heard this news, I immediately had the same thought I had when I hear ALL news: How will this effect celebrities? Now that celebs can marry other celebs of the same gender, here are my suggestions for a few same sex couples I'd like to see!


10. Brad Pitt and George Clooney

It’s part of my plan to breed the world’s most handsome man.*

*Note: I have no idea how breeding works.


9. Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson

The chemistry between these two is more believable than anything they have with Kristen Stewart.


8. LeBron James and LeBron James

No one loves LaBron James more than LaBron James. This is true love.


Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez

It’s part of my plan to breed the world’s roundest butt*

*Note: I have no idea how breeding works, but in this case, I’m willing to watch and learn.


6. Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson

Now that he’s alienated African Americans, Jews, gays, Mexicans, and women, Mel Gibson’s dating options are pretty much limited to heterosexual white Australians. With Crowe, I think there could be some real passion.


5. Tom Cruise and Space Lord Xenu

I’m fuzzy on what Scientologists actually believe, but I’m pretty sure this would be ok.


4. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh

They say “don’t knock it till you try it,” so I think these two should try same sex marriage out. You know, just to see how it feels. Besides, after Limbaugh’s previous 4 marriages, I’m sure he’s up for something different.


3. Scarlett Johansonn and Anne Hathaway

In my mind, they’ve been dating seriously for years. Very, very seriously. And slowly. It’s time for them to actually commit.


2. Pauly D and The Situation

All that fist-pumping was just foreplay.


1. Justin Bieber and Ellen Page

I’m sorry, I’m being unfair here. There’s nothing to indicate that Page likes girls.


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