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Change This Facebook Setting ASAP

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We've all done it. Taken our computer to a coffee shop and logged onto Facebook…

Even actress Michelle Rodriguez does it!


Your Facebook default settings make it possible for just about anyone around you, or using the same network as you, to bust into your Facebook account. There is no encryption whatsoever. Gawker reports that a blogger sat in a New York Starbucks and was able to hijack dozens of Facebook accounts in just 1/2 an hour.

So what can you do to protect your precious social network? Switch your settings to HTTPS… here's how.

You need to go to your Facebook and check out this new encrypted "HTTPS" protocol feature, and see if it's available for your account. The feature is just now being rolled out, but won't finish rolling out for a few more weeks. You need to sign up as soon as your account has been enabled to do so.

In the upper right corner of your Facebook Page is the option for "Account" – arrow down to select "Account Settings" and in there you will then click on "Account Security" and if your account has been enabled you'll see the option that reads "Secure Browsing." If you don't see this option Facebook is still working on it. You'll want to check back tomorrow or next week.

It's important to do everything that you can to protect your Facebook account from being hacked, or accessed without your permission. They could make fake status update, upload dirty pics and send messages to all your friends. We like our passwords! Let's keep them protected.

I mean honestly, you'd think that this would be a standard feature on Facebook, not something you have to go in and select. Mark Zuckerberg should be protecting all of us from internet pirates trying to hack into our Facebook accounts without us even asking him. That should just be one of our many standard features.

Has your Facebook account ever been hacked? Do you use Facebook out in public? Did you know that anyone around you could access your facebook account when you do this? Tell us in the comments below.


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