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Did Charlie Chaplin Invent the ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme?

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Before there was the Distracted Boyfriend meme, there was… the Charlie Chaplin Distracted Boyfriend meme? As pointed out by Twitter user Peter Goldberg, the 1920s-era godfather of slapstick comedy is also the godfather of 2018’s favorite meme.

The image is from Charlie Chaplin’s 1922 short film Pay Day, which follows the story of a character who just can’t get a break. This scene finds Chaplin’s character getting caught by his wife while he checks out another dame.

And just when you thought the Distracted Boyfriend meme was over…

In conclusion, boyfriends have been distracted by other women since forever, which means there’s probably about a thousand iterations of this meme out there. And that means we should go ahead and call it. It’s done. Bon voyage, Distracted Boyfrie–

distracted boyfriend

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