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Charlie Sheen Wants YOU To Be His Intern

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After being fired from Warner Bros hit show Two and a half Men last night, Charlie Sheen was seen #WINNING on top a building in Beverly Hills wielding a machete and drinking a bottle of #TigersBlood.

Then a few hours later Charlie Sheen decided he needs a social media intern.

I mean, let's be honest, there's no way he's the actual guy tweeting on his Twitter account, and the Goddesses… or whoever is doing it right now, aren't really all that good of a job at it. That's where YOU come in! Sheen needs a savvy social media expert to tweet for him and help out with all of his social media needs… because let's face it, crack heads aren't that social media savvy.

I'm wondering if they pay actual cash monies or if you'll just be paid in cigarettes, free personal training sessions, Goddesses and Tiger's Blood? Either way, you'll have something on your resume to talk about with future employers for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

What is Sheen looking for in an intern? Pretty much what you'd expect… if you like hash marks, and the smell of a fresh crack pipe burning at 5 in the morning… this is the job for you!

If you're interested, you can apply via the website


Then this morning at the butt crack of dawn your future boss Charlie Sheen (smoking his 5am cigarette) went on another one of his bizarre, disturbing and after a few minutes BORING tirades about God knows what… I only lasted a minute or two before turning it off to go get another cup of coffee. Which says a lot… I mean at this point a cup of coffee is more interesting than Charlie Sheen.


Could you be Charlie's Social Media Goddess?

If you get the job you should also ask for health and life insurance too… considering the amount of 2nd hand smoke you'll be exposed to, you will most certainly get cancer… or as Charlie Sheen calls it can#WINNING!

Would you work for Charlie Sheen? Are you going to apply for the internship? Let us know in the comments below and keep us posted if you get the job!

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