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Chatroulette Wrecking Ball Guy’s "All I Want For Christmas" Video

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Now, I’m a grown, adult man who makes his own way in this world, and if there’s one thing I see, over and over again out there, it’s that men dress as men and women dress as women. So you can imagine how my expectations were flipped when I stumbled across the Chatroulette version of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball — you know, the one that so impressed Cyrus that she sent its creator, Steve Kardynal, a bottle of champagne — and saw this man dressed up like a woman! I was like, “What?! This doesn’t conform to my expectations whatsoever!”

And it seems this innovative form of subversion is officially Kardynal’s thing now, as he’s released another Chatroulette video. This time he’s dressed in one of those sexy Santa costumes and singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

So, if I may, a piece of Christmastime advice, Steve Kardynal, from me to you: Trying to get laughs as a guy dressing up like a girl is like Mike Tyson trying to win a fight against the conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. You can achieve that goal, but it’s so easy that not only is no one impressed, they’re angry at you for even trying in the first place.


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