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Check Out The Booty Pop!

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Booty Pop sounds like it’s something that happens to people with irritable bowl syndrome, but no, it’s special underdrawers that make your butt look bigger, rounder and fuller. Cuz you know how much we all need bigger asses.



All the girls with the flat butts want the Booty Pop! My friend actually got a pair of Booty Pop panties and I will say that her butt does look rounder in her jeans.

Some people, like Kim Kardashian don't need the Booty Pop. Their curvaceous rumps are the result of exercise, genetics, and in cases like Kristie Alley, cake. However, there are a few others that could really use a little pop in the booty area, if you know what I mean.


Taylor Swift

This kind of butt appeals to Pop AND Country fans.


AnnaLynne McCord

If she had a behind like this, “90210” ratings would double. They could call it “180420”


Lindsay Lohan

Oh, Lindsay. She hasn’t been able to do anything right lately.


Jack Black

This isn’t that far from reality, actually.


Jennifer Lopez

No J.Lo. You already have enough. Please leave some butt for the rest of the class.



Actually Snooki should try this. It’s like a bumpit for your booty.


Mila Kunis

I don’t know if Mila Kunis likes long car trips, but if she did, this might make the ride more comfortable.


Dakota Fanning

More like Dakota Fanny, right?


Dianna Agron

Quinn might not have been cast on “Glee” with the Booty Pop look. They don’t make cheerleader skirts in that size.


Amy Winehouse

Amy popped 10 at once cause if one is good, 10 is better.  That's how she rolls.


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