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Chris Brown Curses Out His Haters On Twitter, Then Deletes The Evidence

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Surprise, surprise Chris Brown is acting like a d-bag again! I know, right? That's about as shocking as Kim Kardashian's failed publicity stunt marriage. Seems a lot of people were miffed by the fact that an admitted woman beater, who has remained pretty much unrepentant about his actions, was allowed to perform at the Grammys on Sunday. And Chris Brown, being Chris Brown proved his 'haters' correct by responding to said haters like someone with anger issues, who could at any second unload his rage on a poor unsuspecting victim. He really can't help himself! 


I mean what's a narcissistic ass to do when he feels 'attacked'?  Well, he took to Twitter and rambled on and on about how he's being victimized by his haters. I guess he saw all of us haters roll our eyes at his pathetic attempt to rewrite history, cause then he got all ALL CAPS on our asses and threw his Grammy in our faces!  Poor baby doesn't like being attacked!  Too bad, so sad!


Luckily some people on 'Chris Brown Watch' screen-capped this tirade, before his publicist made him delete it. For real, he like deleted every tweet he ever made ever. He even made a joke tweet about it, saying that his delete button broke. Haha. He's so not funny. Perhaps even more disturbing are all of his fans who took to Twitter to support him, mostly girls saying that he could beat them any day. I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.


So I guess as long as Chris Brown is making money for people, we'll still have to deal with him. But we don't have to like it and we can continue making his life as miserable as possible. After all, haters gonna hate! Especially when that hate is so extremely deserving.


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