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Chris Brown To Play Optimus Prime In New Transformers Musical

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In an effort to bring in a younger audience, Paramount Pictures has just tapped popular singer Chris Brown to play the voice of "Optimus Prime" in the fourth installment of their successful "Transformers" series of feature films.

Chris Brown's publicist has told Entertainment Tonight that Chris, "Cannot wait to play Optimus Prime," and that, "this is exactly what he has been waiting for his whole career."

Chris Brown himself appeared on Jimmy Fallon's late night talk show to discuss the project. He said he couldn't reveal much but that he, "doesn't know what we would have done if he hadn't gotten the part." In the weeks before Paramount finalized its decision to go with him Chris brown said he felt, "Lost and confused, wandering through the day like nothing mattered." He disclosed that the stress from waiting caused him to lose 14 pounds.

The only news to surface so far about the 4th movie in the Transformers franchise other than Chris Brown's inclusion in the cast is that, unlike previous installments in the series, it will be a musical.

Industry insiders speculate that Chris Brown's extraordinary vocal range was what finally convinced studio heads to go with him. "Optimus Prime is the leader of the Transformers," said Michael Bay, "He's really going to need to be able to hit those high notes."

Chris Brown, a consummate performer is already hard at work at adapting to the role. He has hired a vocal coach to help him sound more like a robot. Exercises include eating mostly sharp food, inhaling Cuban cigars, and holding ice against his adam's apple for 45 minutes a day.

The news that Chris Brown would play Optimus has most people excited, except for Rihanna, who had only a few weeks earlier been tapped to play Megatron.

"If anything I feel like Chris should be playing Megatron, and I should be playing Optimus," Rihanna told Good Morning America.

Michael Bay has released an official statement, however, confirming that their roles will not be switched. In the official statement Bay went on to explain, "For the sake of the integrity of Transformers 4: The Musical, Rihanna has to play Megatron. It's not that she isn't an exceptional actress, it's just that I think it's obvious to everyone that Rihanna sounds more like a fighter plane, and Chris Brown sounds more like a truck."


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