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This Musician’s DIABOLICAL Ex-Girlfriend Faked a Rejection Letter From His Dream School

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Award-winning Canadian clarinetist Eric Abramovitz just won a lawsuit against his objectively evil ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lee, after finding out that she faked a rejection letter from a prestigious music school that had actually offered him a place along with a $50,000-a-year scholarship.

Eric explained to Buzzfeed that in 2013, he applied for a scholarship at the Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, hoping to study under famed clarinetist and music professor, Yehuda Gilad. The scholarship would have covered Eric’s tuition, room and board and living expenses. And, after an intense audition process, we was selected as one of the two students to study under Gilad. Unfortunately, Eric never found out that he won the scholarship — because his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lee, deleted his acceptance letter from his email account, and then faked a rejection letter sent from a phony email account (, posing as Yehuda Gilad. A music student herself, she allegedly faked the rejection letter so that Eric would have to stay at the same school as her, rather than accept the opportunity, move away, and potentially break up with her.

And if THAT’S not messed up enough, Eric also said because they were essentially living with each other at the time, which mean Jennifer was “the shoulder I was leaning on” after he got the heartbreaking rejection letter.

Eric and Jennifer broke up six months later, but it wasn’t until he auditioned for Gilad again, a couple years later in 2016, that he found out about her brutal betrayal.

After Gilad’s audition, Professor Gilad said to him, “What are you doing here? You rejected me.” To which a very confused Eric basically replied, “HUH?! Uh, NOPE, you rejected me.”

A few months later, after being accepted to study under Gilad but without the kind of scholarship he was offered before, Eric decided to look into the Gilad’s claim that he’d rejected the professor, and not the other way around.

At first he thought it was a “rival clarinetist” that had sabotaged his future, but then friends started suggesting Jennifer may have been behind it. After attempting to log into the fake gmail account the rejection letter was sent from, using passwords Eric knew Jennifer to use, he got into the account and realized the worst: His ex completely screwed him out of his dream school.

He explained of the realization, “I just can’t believe that someone would not have an overwhelming amount of guilt lying to someone, betraying someone like that.” Yeah, no sh*t.

Luckily, things turned out okay for Eric, as he still got to study with Gilad and recently accepted a position with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. And this week, an Ontario Superior Court awarded Eric the $300,000 he sued Jennifer for, and called her actions “despicable”.

And talk about a glass-half-full kinda person, because Eric’s take away from the whole horrific affair was, “It’s very hard to know what my path would have been had this not happened. But I am happy and proud of myself because I landed on my feet. I have no regrets. I have always aspired to make a living doing what I love, and I have, so I am very fortunate.”

TLDR; Always log out of your email and trust NO ONE.

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