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CoD Hacker Jailed For Selling Gamer’s Info

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Brit Lewys Martin thought he had come up with a no fail business plan. He was earning thousands of pounds selling exploits for the Call of Duty games. Sounds like a win/win for cheaters and those who enable their cheating…am I right? Well, unfortunately for the cheats, Martin had attached a Trojan to those hacks and gathered their credit card numbers which he then sold to other crooks. I'm sure all the duped victims felt like rage quitting their lives. 


But never fear, justice is here!  Martin was not only arrested for his internet crimes, he was just sentenced to 18 months in jail. The judge totally tea bagged that criminal noob.


The crazy thing is he might have gotten away with it, if it weren't for his own drunken stupidity! He was busted for the hacking after he was caught breaking into a college while drunk and attempting to steal a projector, a hard drive, walkie-talkies and other electronics. When the police searched his flat the next day, they found more than 300 credit card numbers and passwords. Ooopsie. Perhaps he should have worn more camouflage on his night raid?


Martin did attempt to avoid jail time. He pleaded with the judge to allow him to skip jail so he could finish the IT courses he was currently enrolled in at a local community college. He even went so far to claim that completing these courses would allow him to 'harness his abilities for good and not evil.'   The judge just laaaaauuughed and then gave him a metaphorical headshot. With justice.


Did Martin get what he deserved? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below! 

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