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Cole Sprouse Reveals Legit Theory on Why Overalls Are Back In Style

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Cole Sprouse: former child actor, current Riverdale star, and… fashion sleuth? Cole took to Twitter this week to reveal his theory on why the f*ck overalls are “in” again, and fans are 100 percent backing him. Although, to be fair, he could tweet that it’s Kermit the Frog’s fault that all these hurricanes are happening, and he’d still get literally all the retweets and likes. The dude has a serious cult following, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about overalls. Here’s the theory:

While many agreed with Cole’s observation (because they worship him and if he tweeted that shoes with little hats on them were sexy, teenage girls and boys would wear shoes with little hats on them), a few fans tried to throw in some other theories into the mix…

Do you agree with Cole’s Waluigi theory? And let us know what fashion trend you think should be brought back @Smosh!