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7 Confirmed Celebrity Slytherins

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Among their many other qualities, Slytherins are ambitious, meaning a lot of celebrities are bound to be Slytherins. I believe a lot of them are pretending to be Gryffindors, because in our world you have to act normal to get ahead, but there are plenty of celebrities who flaunt their green and silver loud and proud. Here are seven celebrity Slytherins!

1. Tom Felton

Tom Felton, THE Draco Malfoy, is frequently spotted repping his house. He encountered a giant shock when he took the Pottermore test and it sorted him into Gryffindor, but no matter what, he still identifies with Slytherin house and that’s what matters.

2. Ariana Grande

Ariana is one of the few celebrities who has publicly announced that she took the Pottermore test and was sorted into Slytherin. She did manage to become one of the most famous, successful pop stars in the world within just a couple of years — a feat only a Slytherin could manage.

3. Niall Horan

In a 2012 interview with the radio station 94.7 FM, Niall was asked what Hogwarts house he would be in. He asked what house Malfoy was in, and when reminded that it was Slytherin, he replied that that was the house he’d be in. Does Niall think he’s similar to Draco? Or does he just admire him? This is a really important topic that I can’t believe other interviewers haven’t pursued!

4. Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Lin-Manuel has tweeted several times about his Slytherin affiliation, even tweeting out a screenshot of the result of his Pottermore test, because so many people couldn’t believe he’d be a snake.

5. Gerard Way

Pottermore sorted Gerard Way into Slytherin, and he was the only person on the planet surprised by that.

6. Alan Rickman


In an interview with AOL, Alan Rickman confirmed that he was a Slytherin too, just like his famous character Severus Snape. Alan Rickman was talented and beloved by basically everyone on Earth — an affiliation all Slytherins can be proud of.

7. Taylor Swift


This is the only celebrity we don’t have official confirmation on, but honestly, Taylor has to be a Slytherin. She’s cunning, ambitious, and the person on this planet currently most associated with the snake. She puts snakes in everything. What else could she possibly be referring to??

Are you a Slytherin? Who’s your favorite fellow snake? Tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!