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Congresswoman Sings White Stripes Lyrics To Congress!

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As the government came dangerously close to shutting down, Democratic congresswoman Donna Edwards last-ditch effort to sway her Republican counterparts was a very cool surprise.

Donna didn't get all political, she got poetic… she stepped up to the microphone of the House of Representatives and shared the lyrics from the White Stripes song "Effect and Cause."

This is your government in action!


Congresswoman Donna Edwards: "A Lesson for My Republican Colleagues Courtesy of the White Stripes"

"This one goes out to our young people and our seniors and our service members and Federal workers who stand to be effected by a government shut down. It's a lesson for my Republican colleagues courtesy of the White Stripes… a little Effect and Cause." Donna continues as she quotes the lyrics of Jack White…

"You burnt my house down then got mad at my reaction? It's just that you can't take the effect and make it the cause."

"So for my Republican colleagues who want to shut the government down for the effect you caused… You learn this White Stripes lesson first… If you're heading to the grave, you don't blame the hearse."

"You built a house of cards and got shocked when you saw them fall. You seem to forget just how this song started, you can't just take the effect and make it the cause.'"

"And with that I yield." Donna finished in under a minute.

Will the wise words of the White Stripes prevent a government shutdown? I seriously doubt it.

Here's the inspiration behind Edwards' plea:


The White Stripes – Effect and Cause

What do you think of the Congresswoman's attempt to prevent this government shut down? Were you moved? Do you think it will make a difference? How will the shut down affect you? Let's discuss below…


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