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Contributors and Schedule

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We’d like to introduce you to some of our contributors to the Smosh Pit, plus let you know what we plan on doing every week!


FLuffee from YouTube is making the leap to the Smosh Pit. He’s teaming up with us to deliver weekly news of the weird every Monday afternoon!


Sarah is the Smosh Pit’s lady contributor – she’s a writer, internet personality, and watches TV when she’s not Twittering about TV. She will have the weekly “America Is Into” column where she investigates the pop culture phenomenon du jour, and will also contribute lots of other stuff too. Check out AMERICA IS INTO every Tuesday morning! **Profile Page Coming Soon**

Malum TV

Malum TV, one of the freshest new YouTube channels, is coming to Smosh Pit every Wednesday afternoon. Malum and his brother will introduce you to a weekly dose of outrageous characters and incidents, direct from London. **Profile Page Coming Soon**

Eric Harvey Brown

The Smosh Pit’s photographer, Eric Harvey Brown gets photos of the funniest, coolest stuff out there — look for his stuff every Monday morning.


We will be updating the Smosh Pit every day to have new posts, photos, videos and links. In addition to all that, we have special stuff planned throughout the week:

MORNING: Eric’s photos


MORNING: Anthony’s weekly post
AFTERNOON: America is Into from Sarah




MORNING: Ian’s weekly post


“Taturday,” where we give you the funniest, weirdest and most retarded tattoos we’ve found – and give you a chance to get recognition by commenting on them!

Keep checking back all the time for fresh content – and thanks for visiting the Smosh Pit!