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6 Cool Things You Can Do When You Get Your Driver’s License

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You did it. You finally got your driver’s license. And even if some people think you shouldn’t be on the road, you still have every legal right to be out there. But if you don’t know what to do with that sweet, sweet driver’s license, well, here are some ideas…

Tell Your Parents to F-Off, but Only a Little Bit

joy ride one bad night

Now that you have your driver’s license, you can tell your parents to shove it! But only to shove some of it, because you are still living under their roof. Once you move out, you can go full out and tell your parents to shove all of it. But for now, enjoy your modicum of independence and let your parents know they can kiss only one of your butt cheeks as you grab the car keys and walk on out of there (before you come back again at the end of the night, because your bed is still at the place where your parents live).

Drive Aimlessly While Pondering Existence

james dean driving

Part of being an adult is having an existential crisis on the regs. Now that you have your driver’s license, you’re one step closer to adulthood., because you’re also one step closer to death. Now you can think about that at night while driving aimlessly. In two years, you’ll be able to smoke Chesterfields and in four years you’ll be able to grow a 5 o’clock shadow. Then you’ll really be off to the races when it comes to sitting and pondering what life is all about!

Go Drag Racing at Dead Man’s Curve

greased lightening cae

Why even get your driver’s license if you don’t use it to illegally drag race against the lone rebel who’s been trying to get with your girl, and then drive off a cliff because you missed the road signs warning you of construction? You might as well stick to riding a bicycle!

Fantasize About Being Able to Rent a Car

saturday night live driving

You used to fantasize about getting your driver’s license. Now that you’ve gotten it, you need something new to lust after. You’re not going to be able to rent a car until you’re 24. That’s going to give you a good eight years to want something that’s unobtainable due to an arbitrary age limit. Sha-wing!

Go On the School Bus and Rub Your License in Everyone’s Face

flying school bus

You have a driver’s license, which means you don’t have to ride the school bus anymore! Better yet, you can go on the school bus and hold your legally issued state ID up in front of everyone and boast that you will not be taking Bus 117 home every day. You can drive home. You’re on that bus not because you have to be, but because you want to be. And you want to flaunt your superiority.

Drive to Go See a Dead Body

stand by me dead body

If you want to go check out a dead body Stand By Me-style, it’s a lot easier when you have wheels. You can still have that same life-changing journey with your friends, but instead of taking all day, it’ll take maybe an hour (depending on traffic). And now that you can drive to that dead body site, you’ll realize that it’s actually a lot closer than you thought. Growing up is fun!

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