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Cop Busts Lemonade Stand

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It must have been a slow day for crime in Portland because a police officer went out of his way to shut down a young girls lemonade stand. Lets be fair though, she was seven, she should have known better.



The girl set up her stand at the local fair and when this police officer saw her he went up and asked if she had any permits, and I’m sure the little girl replied with nothing more then a confused look. 



When this cop shut down the girls lemonade stand a crowd of people that saw started to protest.



It must have been some damn good lemonade.



Some of the protesters say that next year when the fair comes to town, they are going to set up even more lemonade stands to protest!



The police officer that made this bust says he really hopes they are joking because he doesn’t know what he would do if everyone started setting up lemonade stands, he would probably have to start shooting people.



I have thought of a crazy solution for this cop to consider, maybe next time this happens you should just not care. That just might work.


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