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Cop Tasers 30 Students

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At a high school job fair, a police officer was asked by students if he would taser them. And I guess he wanted to show everybody how bad of a police officer he was because he said yes. And he went taser happy.

I’m left wondering why anyone would want to be tasered. It can’t be a pleasant experience. I wonder how this cop would have explained himself if he had killed one of the students. “Well, you know, he asked for it and I was like, ‘why not? I hate teenagers’.”

Yeah, I don’t think your superior would approve of that.

This slow-witted cop is now on probation without pay and it’s a good thing, too, because if he was willing to taser students for doing nothing, who knows what else he would taser? Be careful if this cop pulls you over — he’d probably hit you with a tranquilizer first and write your ticket second!

Maybe he just never got to use it and was excited for the chance to test his aim…not that it’s hard to aim a taser.

One girl asked to be tasered over and over again. She was shocked by this cop 7 times before he stopped.

It must have been some emo chick that was trying to end her life. Either that or she was trying to impress boys. She just wanted to show how attractive she was by going brain dead and almost dying.

This police officer made a really bad decision. But in all fairness to him, if I walked by and saw a bunch of teens willingly being tasered, I wouldn’t try to stop it. I would just sit back and enjoy the show.

As long as I don’t get the jolt, too.

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