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Corset Piercing! Extreme Body Modification!

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OMG! What is wrong with people? One of the latest and greatest trends in the world of body modification is "corset" or "ladder" piercing. There are tons of pics and videos online but all I can think when I look at this is OUCH!

Corset/ladder piercing is when someone gets a series of body piercings done to emulate the lacing of a corset. It is usually two rows of piercings that are then laced together with ribbon, or rope or in extreme cases chains… and most often done on the back…

But sometimes it's on the side…

Or the neck…

Corset piercing is mostly temporary, because those kinds of piercings don't really heal well… they get infected. Most often it's part of some kind of fetish event or photoshoot, and then removed so that it can heal after all the photos have been taken and the piercing has been well documented.

Some people think it's art… I think it's just plain stupid. And yet… I'm still fascinated.

You can get a permanent corset piercing but you really need to go to a reputable establishment. I mean, you really don't want to mess around with a bargain basement piercing establishment when it comes to a corset.

And you can do shapes other than corsets… like this star…


Or this crazy ass spider web!

I mean seriously ladies… why not just stick to cutting?

What do you think? Is corset piercing cool? Art? Or just plain stupid? Do you know anyone who has had a corset piercing? Tell me all about it! I'm horrified/fascinated.


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