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Shocking Costumes Lady Gaga SHOULD Have Worn at the MTV Video Music Awards

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Lady Gaga isn’t exactly a wallflower on the red carpet. She loves attention and has worn some pretty outregous outfits in the name of entertainment. At the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend she performed as her male alter-ego “Jo Calderone” and made headlines yet again. After the infamous meat dress of 2010, her costume this year seemed tame. Here’s some costumes we would have like to see her try out for shock value.


7. A Gorilla Suit


Lady Gaga is one of the biggest stars in the world and that means she’s recognizable everywhere she goes. If she had decided to don a gorilla suit on the red carpet, she could have snuck past reporters undetected and avoided all of their nagging questions before she hit the stage.


6. Barbecue Sauce


She totally forgot to bring sauce to use once she threw her meat costume on the barbecue. If she had decided to lather up in the brown sauce this year, tummies would definitely been grumbling.


5. Amy Winehouse


I can only imagine what type of wig she would have created in honor of the singer.


4. Her Birthday Suit


The “Born This Way” singer has definitely worn some pretty crazy costumes in her day, but nothing would turn heads more than if she had showed up in her birthday suit.


3.Chopped Liver


It might not have been the year of Gaga, but she’s far from chopped liver and after her meat costume controversy last year, I’m surprised she didn’t show up as chopped liver to remind us all of this fact.


2. With a Pregnant Belly


Sure, Gaga dressing up as a guido got people talking, but it was Beyonce’s baby bump that made the big headlines. Imagine if Gaga had shown up with a baby bump of her own than gave birth to mini-monsters during her show? Beyonce’s real pregnancy news would have been forgotten in two seconds flat.


1. Normal clothes


No one would have recognized the pop singer if she had showed up in normal clothes and no makeup. Security might have not even let her into the show! Not having all the attention on her? Now that would have been truly out-of-this-world!


What crazy costume do you think Gaga will try next? Let us know in the comments.


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