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Couple Have Gangnam Style Wedding

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We've seen Gangnam Style Chatroulette. There was the Gangnam Lifeguards and Gangnam ponies. But one San Francisco couple has taken the viral hit to a whole new level…they had a Gangnam Style wedding. They won. Everyone can stop producing Gangnam style parody videos now. 

gangnam style wedding


Newlyweds Stephani Nguyen and Jeremy Ueno hired a videography company and shot the video in the Bay Area, including the day of their wedding September 2nd. The entire wedding party was in on the action, acting out scenes from the original including having the groom and his ushers wearing towels in the sauna and lots of confetti of course. The group even gets other wedding guests to join them in some Gangnam Style dancing and then makes their grand entrance into the reception doing the invisible horse dance. It's all kinds of geeky awesome. Even more than a bridal party of Stormtroopers.

geek wedding stormtrooper


The only thing they didn't manage to have was PSY officiating the ceremony on a toilet. That would've won them the whole damn internet.

psy toilet gangnam style


No matter, I still hope their marriage lasts as many days as the original video has views. Which at 167 million plus views, should be way past 'till death do us part'.  Here's a look at the adorable video:


What do you think of this wedding theme? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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