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Court Rules High School Girls Have The Right To Act Like Skanks

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So, recently a group of high school girls were suspended from their high school extra-curricular activities after posting sexually provocative pictures on Facebook from a slumber party. So naturally they sued to protect their constitutional right to skanky behavior and guess what? THEY WON! Carry on 'ladies'! (skanks of legal age were used in this re-enactment photo)


The girls were suspended from choir and volleyball after posting the photos on Facebook and Myspace. The school deemed the photos had discredited the school and the students. Especially embarrassing was the Myspace use. 

But the judge disagreed. He said suspending the girls violated their first amendment rights and that being a skank constituted free expression. Really, really free expression.

Who knew Britney was such a civil rights trailblazer?


The pictures depicted things like the girls suggestively eating lollipops with not so suggestive captions, poking each other in the butt with a devil's pitchfork, and posing in lingerie with money sticking out of their undies. So really only slightly worse than these ads for Noah Cyrus' lingerie line for kids. Yeah, you heard me correctly.


The sad fact is skanky behavior is not only accepted but encouraged. The school was only doing what the parents should've been doing. But I'm pretty sure we can't rely on the parents when often they're the ones encouraging the behavior. Mommy/daughter tramp stamps anyone?


If anything, acting like a ho in this day and age doesn't discredit you anymore. It can actually make you a famous reality star!


Or who knows, maybe even one of this country's biggest political stars. Oh yeah, guuuurrrlll!


What do you think of all the hub bub? Do teen girls have the right to be skanks without fear of punishment? Personally, I think their parents need to open a can of whoop ass on them or give them a time out or something! Give me a holla @desijedeikin or  discuss constitutional law with me in the comments!

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