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Courtney Love’s Twitter Meltdown

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Too bad Hallmark doesn't make cards for crazy people, so Courtney Love (widow of deceased rock star Kurt Cobain) had to resort to Twittering cryptic misspelled birthday messages/threats to her daughter Frances Bean Cobain last week. Frances has just turned 18, and has an active restraining order against her mother, meaning Courtney cannot contact her. So what does any sane, loving mother do for their daughter's 18th birthday? They freak out and send her crazy messages on twitter of course!


Courtney and Frances

A young Courtney Love looks just like her daughter Frances Bean. But in later years Courtney would lose custody of her only daughter who now lives with Kurt Kobain's parents.

Here's is a brief sample of the series of crazy misspelled Tweets that Courtney sent to her beloved Frances Bean Cobain on her 18th birthday… you will have to do your best to translate!


Happy Birthday!

Courtney tweeted to Frances: "that therapist told me you said you "were never talkiung to me ever again" i was hapless, i dont understand anything that amoral cu*t tellsu"


She won't stop rambling! She later tweeted…."and you do know its not exactly a turn on to anyones kids what youve done and its all so fu*king UN necseasssry i just assumed no kin ofmine"


She continued from the last tweet …"no kin of mine or of kurts who despised yoru grandmother, (ask charles cross) with a vengeance would go "where the money is" shocked"


Finally she ended saying, "beyond the obviopus heartache why are you trying to desperatly to ruin my life and reputation? what is it did you decide to be linda?"



Courtney was kind enough to lay on the self centeredness even thicker by posting a video montage of her and Frances's dead father Kurt Cobain, showing the "happy family" they used to be when Frances was a baby and Kurt was alive (before he killed himself).



With parents like this, who needs enemies?? Poor Frances.  Happy Birthday girl!


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