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Craziest VMA Moments

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Unless there’s some kind of drunken-clown awards out there, the MTV Video Music Awards is always the craziest award show of the year. All the biggest stars in music show up, some wearing the most expensive designer clothing, others wearing what looks like someone skinned Cookie Monster and dipped him in glitter. This year looks like it will be no exception.


Lots of strange things have happened on the VMAS, but for sure these are 9 of the craziest.


2010 – Gaga’s Meat Dress

craziest VMA MOMENT gaga meat dress


Lady Gaga, a woman whose career is defined by weird dresses, came up with her weirdest dress ever for the 2010 VMAS. Although the dress made quite the impression, I get the feeling that Gaga ruined a BBQ somewhere after raiding it for supplies.


2009 – Kayne West Interrupts Taylor Swift

Some people think Watch The Throne is Kayne’s best work, but for me, it will always been when he got on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech after her video beat out Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” It’s classic Kanye: outrageous, self-serving, and slightly hilarious. Not only did “Interrupting Kanye” became a popular meme, it gave us the classic phrase “I’ma let you finish,” a phrase I still use DAILY.

Also, Kayne was right. “Single Ladies” is one of the best remembered music videos of the last decade, and Taylor Swift’s video was, um, a Taylor Swift video that didn’t even remind anyone to put a ring on it.



2000 – Rage Against The Machine Bassist Rages About Losing To Limp Bizkit

craziest VMA MOMENT rage against the machine limp bizkit


RATM bassist Tim Commerford was, well, rage-y when his band lost the Best Rock Video award to Limp Bizkit, so he crawled up on the stage props during Fred Durst’s acceptance speech. Commerford eventually came down and was arrested for a night, which is crazy when you think Fred Durst walks free after years of felony-level sucky music.


2002 – Eminem Almost Gets In A Fight With A Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

craziest VMA MOMENT


Eminem got into an argument with a dog puppet because of a Moby joke. THUG LIFE.


1999 – Diana Ross Grabs Lil Kim’s Boob

craziest VMA MOMENT lil kim boob


Lil Kim, whose fashion sense makes Katy Perry look like Anne Romney, showed up to 1999 VMAs with ¾ of a dress and a decal she probably got out a vending machine covering her nipple. When she met Diana Ross on stage, Diana gave the free-floating Lil-Kim-mammary a gentle but loving tap. I found out the hard way that if you try this move and you are NOT Diana Ross, you will get slapped.


2007 – Britney’s “Performance”

craziest VMA MOMENT spears 2007


Head-shaving, divorce, rehab… 2007 was a rough year for Britney Spears, and the VMAS that year were supposed to be her comeback. However, Britney supposedly tried to calm her nerves with a few hours of tequila shots before taking the VMA stage, and delivered an uninspired, disappointing, and widely mocked performance. By the time 2008 rolled around everyone pretty much forgot her VMA performance and hair shenanigans, and she returned to being a huge pop star


2007 – Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight for some reason

This was over Pamela Anderson, who at different points was married to both of these guys? She seems ok but I don’t think I would punch anybody over her. Kid Rock ended up getting sited for causing the fight, but should have gotten a few hundred hours of community service for that ugly shirt.


1998 – Rose McGowan wears a “dress”

craziest VMA MOMENT Rose McGowan dres


When you show up as Marilyn Manson’s date, you have to do a lot to make an impression. One idea is just to be pretty much naked. Great thinking, Rose


2003 – Madonna and Britney Spears Kiss

craziest VMA MOMENT britney madonna kiss


I know it seems strange now, but back in 2003 two girls kissing was pretty controversial, especially since it was two of the most famous pop singers in the world. These days, I think Rhianna and Nicki Minaj could make out and no one would think anything weird was going on.


What is your favorite VMA moment? Let us know down below!