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Five Crazy-Delicious Food Combinations You Should Try

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You may have seen the campaign by "Miracle Whip" with celebrities asking you to "keep an open mouth." My favorite is of course by Michael Ian Black, because he's hilarious and I like chair comedy.


Well, great, Michael now my mouth is open, and I've tried the tangy zip of Miracle Whip. Which got me thinking – what are some OTHER things I’ve never tried that could be delicious? Some new ways to eat food that I’ve never thought about? Here are five crazy-delicious food combinations you should try!


Peanut Butter Sandwich + Chili

peanut butter sandwich and chilli

(recipe here)

Normally, when you are chowing down on a Peanut butter sandwich, your brain isn’t going “hey, I wish we had a hearty meat and bean stew to dip this in!” Well, maybe your brain should rethink what it’s thinking because dipping a PB Sandwich into some tasty chili is awesome.


Hot Dog + Cream Cheese

Hot Dog and cream cheese

(recipe here)

MADNESS, or GENIUS? Popular in Seattle, all you need to do is spread some warm delicious cream cheese on a hot dog bun, add a tasty cooked hotdog (not raw, are you crazy?), various hot dog fixins according to taste, and then eat as you normally would eat a hot dog, only with a extra big smile because of the extra tasty flavor.


French Fries + chocolate milkshake

french fries and chocolate milkshake


Quick, what’s the opposite of ketchup? If you said milkshake, you are wrong. It’s puhctek. But since you brought it up, let’s talk about how you should try dipping French fires into a chocolate milkshake. It’s a great salty/sweet combination, not unlike a chocolate covered pretzel. Only it’s hot and cold at the same time, like that Katy Perry song, only not annoying!


Potato chips IN a sandwich

potato chips in sandwich

(via NAME)

Potato chips and sandwiches have been hanging out as BFFs forever, but normally they are content to just hang out NEAR each other. But what they should be doing is hanging out INSIDE each other (easier for the chips to get in the sandwich in this scenario.) A few crispy, salty chips inside your sandwich add great texture, and plus you save time since you were going to eat the chips anyway. WIN WIN.


Fries + Pizza Toppings

fries pizza toppings

(via NAME)

Fries + any food at all is normally a recipe for deliciousness, but when combined with the other best food of all time, you get some really epic noms.

I know this doesn’t really count as an unusual food, but I think everyone should know about it.

What are some other food combos people don’t know are delicious? Let us know in the comments!