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5 Crazy Disney Movie Theories to Keep You Up at Night

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As sure as there will be more Disney movies in the years to come, there will be theories surrounding the iconic characters starring in them. By now you’ve surely heard the theory that Boo is the witch in Brave and that Carl from Up is actually dead the whole movie, so here are five more even MORE crazy theories surrounding Disney movies, that are sure to keep you up at night wondering what if?

Belle’s mother is the one who cursed beast

beast curse

Ben of SuperCarlinBrothers did some research and came up with a theory that Belle’s mom is the witch-lady who originally cursed the Beast. His theory came from looking back at the original animated film, the Broadway show, and the live-action movie starring Emma Watson. While trying to find the identity of Belle’s mother (who we learn died of the plague thanks to the latest version of the film), Ben noticed a photo of Belle’s mother with roses surrounding her at a cottage in one scene. Considering it’s a cursed Rose that keeps Beast as, well, a beast, this detail is surely more than just coincidental. While it may seem like a stretch that Belle’s mother would be the witch who cursed Beast, it wouldn’t be the craziest fun fact Disney storytellers have hinted at in the background details.

Ursula is alive

While it may have seemed that Ursula was killed at the end of The Little Mermaid, science says otherwise. Being stabbed and electrocuted would surely kill any human, but Ursula is part octopus, and octopuses have not one, but THREE hearts, and are able to withstand a lot of pain. Thus, it’s entirely possible that the sea witch has been waiting in the shadows all these years later. And she’ll probably get her own movie someday too, because this is the Golden Age of Reboots. (source)

Louis from The Princess and the Frog is human

When Princess Tiana runs into an alligator named Louis after being turned into an amphibian herself, we assume she can talk to the singing and dancing gator because they are both animals. But one theory suggests that Louis, like Tiana, is actually another cursed human. Much like a similar theory regarding the bug that says “help me” in The Emperor’s New Groove, this means that Louis is still trapped in his animal form today. (source)

Captain Hook killed Ariel’s Mom

ariel peter pan theory

The legend of The Little Mermaid says that Ariel’s mother was killed by a pirate, and since mermaids exist in Neverland, and Captain Hook is more than capable of killing a mermaid or two for sport, it’s entirely plausible that he is Ariel’s mom’s murderer. Some fans of this theory even believe that the above scene from Peter Pan shows Ariel’s mom, Athena, and is proof that this theory holds true.

Halloween Town is a kind of underworld

As much as we love the characters that inhabit Halloween Town in The Nightmare Before Christmas, have any of us stopped to wonder how they came to be the residents of such a place? One Tumblr user pointed out that Halloween Town is actually more of a dark underworld, and that its characters ended up there after suffering gruesome deaths. The user suggested that Jack was burned, Sally dismembered, and Zero electrocuted, before finding themselves in the “underworld” of Halloween Town. If this theory is true, can we please get a prequel movie already?!

Which theory do you think could be legitimate? Which ones are just too out there for you to even fathom? Let us know @Smosh!