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Crazy Japanese Kit Kat Flavors

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Japan is known the world over for it’s eclectic palette. They eat whale, horse, raw eggs and chicken without a second thought. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they take some creative license with snacks as well. In this case the Kit Kat.

While Americans are stuck breaking off a piece of a boring old cream-filled wafer covered in chocolate, the Japanese are noshing on every flavor of Kit Kat imaginable. Seriously, they are trying to think of every flavor they can imagine. These are only a small sample of the limited edition Kit Kats that have been on Japanese convenience store shelves.


Wasabi Flavored Kit Kat

You know that mound of green play-dough they give you with your sushi that makes your nose feel like it’s on fire? No? Well, now you can enjoy it’s caustic sinus cleanse with every crispy crunch of your Wasabi flavored Kit Kat. If you’d like to replicate this flavor a dollop of horseradish on a regular Kit Kat is a similar experience.


Soy Sauce Flavored Kit Kat

Admit it, we’ve all been crunching away on a Kit Kat and thought, “This is decent, but it could really use some soy sauce.” Well, the flavor artists at Kit Kat Japan agree, and have brought the inevitable Kit Kat Sushi Tempura Roll one step closer to fruition. You’re worried about sodium? Gimmie a break. 


Sports Drink Flavored Kit Kat

As everyone knows, chocolate cookies with soy sauce can make one’s throat quite parched. And what quenches thirst better than a nice, cool sports drink. Perhaps a Gatorade, or better still Japan’s own citrusy beverage “Pocari Sweat”. That’s right, a sports drink called “Sweat,” now included in a chocolate confection for your enjoyment. Sweat-y Kit Kit–is it in you?  


Wine Flavored Kit Kat

For the refined snacker and/or problem drinker, Kit Kat Japan has introduced Kit Kat Wine… a delicate mix of chocolate, merlot and personal shame. Cheers.


Red Bean Soup Flavored Kit Kat

The Japanese place beans firmly in the sweets category. So it stands to reason (to Japanese people anyway) that their traditional sweet red-bean soup, Oshiruko, would make a fantastic Kit Kat flavor. This flavor has also been tried with Pepsi and numerous other products with expectedly horrible tasting results.


Natto Flavored Kit Kat

Soybeans are a staple of the Japanese diet. Sometimes they can’t eat them all, so they add some yogurt-like bacteria and let those soybeans go bad in a big pot. The resulting food is essentially soybeans covered in ectoplasm-like snot with the smell of stinky cheese, called Natto. They put that in your Kit Kat. Enjoy.


Apple Vinegar Flavored Kit Kat

Like Apple Juice? Of course! How about Apple Cider? Even better! Let’s take it one step further, Apple Vinegar Kit Kat!


Edamame Flavored Kit Kat

More soy! Only this time it’s fresh soy, Edamame Kit Kat!


Orange Pepper Flavored Kit Kat

There are a myriad of blended peppers in Japan, each one unique and blended to perfection for just the right balance of spice and seasoning. Kit Kat decided that a sour orange, green chili pepper bend was the pepper that Kit Kat aficionado would enjoy most. And thus you have Yuzu-Koshou Kit Kat. Big seller I’m sure.


Corn Flavored Kit Kat

It’s summertime and you’d like some sweet, corn on the cob with a nice slab of butter, but in an easy-to-handle melted chocolate form. Well, man-from-rural-Iowa, Kit Kat Japan has you covered…well; your hands anyway, in chocolate, buttery corn-flavored chocolate.


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