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Crazy Things Jessica Simpson Might Crave During Her Pregnancy

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Jessica Simpson has a bun in the oven. Yes, the singer/actress who thought Chicken of the Sea was really chicken and not tuna is reproducing. The body goes through lots of changes during pregnancy and hormones get out of whack. In fact, pregnant women are known for craving off-the-wall things that they would never thing about gnawing on if they weren’t preggers. Here are eight crazy things Jessica might start craving over the next few months.


8. Chalk


Chopping down on chalk sounds gross now, but it might taste like cheesecake when you’re six months pregnant.


7. Pickles


Snooki isn’t the only person who loves pickles in her mouth – pregnant gals are notorious for craving this sour treat.


6. Mayonnaise


You might be pregnant if you find yourself scooping out spoonfuls of mayo and eating it right out of the jar. Ewwww.


5. Ice


Do you keep finding yourself going back to the ice machine but you don’t have anything to chill?.


4. Toothpaste


Squeeze every last drop.


3. Laundry Soap


Your mouth will be extra clean.


2. Coal


The taste of soot adds a little something extra to every meal.


1. Mud


The upside? Dirt is easy to score and is free. The downside? It’s freakin’ dirt!

What do you think would be the grossest food to suddenly have crazy cravings for? Let me know!

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