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Creatures That Are Better at Music Than Skrillex

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I wanted a Skrillex once, but my mom wouldn’t hear of it. “Mom!” I’d say. “He has such long hair and you can brush it!” Then she’d sigh and smack me with some Johnny Cash on vinyl across my nose and say, “No! Bad! Bad girl! No Skrillex”. That’s parenting people. Here are some videos of animals who are better at music than Skrillex and are probably more housebroken.

Primates on Synthesizers


Golden Retriever on a Keyboard


Elephants on Drums


Poodle One Man Band


Guinea Pig


Cockatoo Shredding a Guitar


Walrus on a Horn


Any musicians pooping in your litter box as we speak? If so you should probably call the cops. After that let us know your animal music stories in the comments!


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