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Creepy Couples Dressed Alike

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You should only dress up like your significant other if you're superheroes together or you ran out of non-matching clothes.


I used to be a member of this cult. I liked the group make out sessions, but I couldn't stand the windbreakers.


At least their didn't wear matching bald heads and swing matching umbrellas at matching cars.


These people actually love masturbating. Ex-Masturbator is  a brand of cereal they both like: "Ex-Mastubator Flakes."


I can't wait until they die in those clothes and are forced to walk the Earth forever wearing them.


These are the shirts they make you wear when you become an 8th level Scientologist.


In North Korea, every couple is issued two matching sweaters and that bike.


Is it weirder that they have matching shirts or that his bag is full of way more of those shirts?


They haven't moved from that spot in 11 years.


She cost him $3,000, plus airfare.


Someone has definitely thrown a vodka bottle at someone else in anger in this relationship.


On their way to the statue of Sarah Palin they built themselves out of roadkill they find.


I'm still pretty angry these people were more popular than me in high school.


Every Saturday, rain or shine, these two men meet in the same spot, wearing the same clothes, to dance their hearts out.


All black? Did they wash their clothes in Russel Brand's bathwater?


A couple that shops at H&M together, stays together.


What a load of Pooh.


Running together, this pattern confuses lions and other wild beasts.


Acid washed dorks.


Awww, now that's cute.


How come that man has no hair on his body? Please explain it to me in the comments below.


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