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Cut Off Finger GROWS BACK!

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This is your final warning… this post is kinda gross… but it's true…

I’m here to tell you its alright to cut off your own body parts now, we can rebuild.

A woman has had the tip of her finger cut off, but she didn't let that get her down… and after a lot of persistence she managed to GROW IT BACK.

This is a picture of the actual woman whose pinkie tip was cut off when she came home one day, and accidentally had the door slammed on her. I’ve had a car door slammed on my finger before, and although it hurt like a mother, my finger stayed attached so this door must have been slammed pretty hard.

So after she found the tip of her finger on the floor she rushed to the hospital and tried to get it reattached… but all the doctors told her it was impossible.

If that was me I wouldn’t really care, I think I could live without my pinkie and it was just the tip. Out of all the body parts that you could have cut off I think the pinkie is the way to go.

This woman however would not take NO for an answer, and was determined to be reunited with her dead pinkie. She found out about tissue regeneration and her little baby finger was saved.

Do you know anyone who has lost part of a finger? Did it ever grow back? I want to know if this is real.


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